May 9

Time worked:  0:00

I am just too tired and sore to focus. It’s the first time since starting this that I’ve done nothing at all, though, so that’s something. I worked in my dad’s blacksmith shop today–mostly cutting metal–and the whole time I kept thinking about how I wanted to proceed with the plot outline I’ve been crafting for Alexander’s story, Pursuit of Power. And I’ve been itching to get back to building the timeline covering all of the stories I have more concrete plans for, and how they overlap.  Then I got home and my head hurt, my back hurt, and I just want to sleep. It’s even taken me a lot longer than I expected to complete this post. And that’s considering that probably 1-2 people will ever read it. 🙂

I’ve enjoyed sharing bits about Evan this week, so I kind of want to bring the week to a close with a little more of him. These are some of my favorites involving him:


“You had life salts!” she accused in a rage. “You said you didn’t! We asked you specifically, when these guys were injured, and you said you didn’t have any!”

The others turned to look at him as well. He only stared back defiantly.

“I didn’t have any to spare,” he defended himself. “I thought I might need it later myself, and it turns out I did.”

“So we were scraping to bandage their wounds and keep them from bleeding out, and you decided that the possibility that you would get injured later was more important,” Julius summed up.

“Well yeah. I’m the strongest of all of us here. I’m the only one who’s not indispensable. I mean, let’s face it–we wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for me.”

“Oh, I get it,” Evan caught on. “Something else is going on here, and he’s hiding it from us.” He walked up to Jarrett and grabbed the collar of his shirt. “So what is the game?”

“Let go of me!” Jarrett yelled, pushing Evan away.

“Evan!” Missy cried in alarm. “What are you doing?”

“These guys think he’s up to something,” he said, pointing to Julius and Naolin.

“How do you know that? They never said anything.”

“I’m not ‘up to something’,” Jarrett insisted.

Evan grabbed a handful of his shirt, and it burst into flames under his hand. He jumped back, shaking his hand in surprise.

“What was that?” he echoed what they were all thinking.

“Don’t ask us; you’re the one using Power all of a sudden!” Julius exclaimed. “What in the world have you done?”

“Me? I didn’t do anything!”

Evan finally walked out of the tunnel and joined them.

“Wow, this is a pretty big room,” he marveled. “Have you guys looked around yet?”

“No, you heard Zane,” Alorinna reminded him. “He wanted us to wait until we were all together to go further than this spot right here.”

“Yeah, but it wouldn’t hurt to just follow the wall a bit, see how big it is, if there are any passages off of this room. For all we know, this is just one big dead end, and they’re coming all the way here for nothing.”

“I doubt this can be a dead end,” Oriana said. “This is the only way the others could have possibly come.”

“Oh please, we easily could’ve missed something somewhere along the way.” He took a step away from the others. “I’m just going to have a quick look. I’ll be back in no time.”

“Oriana, Naolin,” Alorinna said, still staring at Evan, “you two are my witnesses. I told him to stay put, but he has decided not to follow orders. When Zane gets here, Evan alone will bear the consequences of his actions.”

“Of course,” Oriana responded.

Naolin only smiled, hoping Evan would ignore her and go anyway, but knowing that he probably wasn’t quite that stupid. As he had suspected, Evan glared at Alorinna, but stayed where he was.

“It’s the smell, mostly,” Oriana explained quietly. “It’s like…feces and death.”

“Oh, that’s a nice thought,” Evan complained.

“Evan,” Zane hissed. “Don’t speak if it’s not important.”

“We called them cave bears during the castle run,” Naolin told them. “They were some of the most vicious animals we fought on that mission, partly because they usually run in packs, and partly because they seemed to be the top of the food chain of all the animals we found.”

“If it ran away from you, how dangerous can it be?” Evan wondered. “What? Okay, sorry.” By that point Zane had probably had enough of Evan’s snarky attitude and had given his final warning.



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