NaNoWriMo Day 19

The Words: 3551 written today, all from 9:30-11. Nothing else to say here this time.

The Story: Today’s writing really went awry. On my outline, after Lex’s mom was rescued, it just went right on to the big final scene. But I hadn’t planned for how they would handle her being back. In fact, I think I forgot that she’d be back, and not in a good mental state. So as I had Lex, Leahna, and Glyn trying to deal with Lex’s mom (named Zenna), it became clear to me that I really couldn’t just move on. Because they couldn’t move on. She was not right, and there wasn’t much they could do about it. So then I had to choose between two things, both of which would allow Lex and Leahna to move on to their big lead up to the climax of the story. One was pretty tame, but was a messy fix. The other was horrible, but was a perfect fix. Guess which one I chose. It was horrible, soul-crushing, and made me cry a bit. I might have to take tomorrow off while I recover.

Total word count: 81,265

day 19



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