NaNoWriMo Day 25

The Words: 2045 written today. I had to squeeze some in during the afternoon and then a bit more before we had another Skype meeting of the TCSTB (revising a novel I finished earlier this year). And I wanted to share this picture from the marathon meeting we had at the house of one of the TCSTB members on Saturday.

reptile Mikayla

We acted out some fighting scenes to make sure they made sense in the text. The bear represents a large reptilian creature. The blanket on the floor is its victim, and the red is a sweatshirt that has been laid across the body to symbolize blood. This is before we rushed in to attack the reptile.

The Story: Lex and Leahna went on their first push toward the mercenary base with the militias that have already been in the desert for months. They didn’t make it very far, and Leahna stayed behind to help the wounded or near-death after the rest had retreated. But she went on to do the same for the mercenaries who had been wounded and left behind. That led the man who had led the charge scrambling to find somewhere to take the unexpected prisoners after she restored them to health. Thus we meet Juris, the leader of one of the country’s militias. He is a key player in another story of mine. For now, though, he is second-in-command of the militias fighting in the desert. He has explained to Lex and Leahna that most of the militias did not choose to participate in the raid of the desert hideout because they discovered that the hideout was basically a town. And moving against a town in their own country could incite a civil war (especially since another, not secretive town nearby seems to have some connections to this band of mercenaries). So two militias stand alone against this “town.” It’s a good thing Lex and Leahna showed up when they did.

Total word count: 93,806


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