NaNoWriMo Day 27

The Words: 577 written today. My extended family isn’t having our official Thanksgiving get-together until Sunday, but we had an unofficial game night tonight. I didn’t know for sure if we were going to that until around 4, so I had expected to have some writing time in the afternoon. In an effort to avoid a zero day, I did get some words written while sitting at the table where people were playing games. My laptop died and I’d forgotten my charger, so I ended up having to switch to pencil and paper for half of it. I got very little done. But at least it’s not a 0.

The Story: The mercenaries sent a small raiding party to attack the militias after dark. Because of Alexander’s advanced abilities, he was able to stop them completely, which was a huge morale boost for the other militia members. He may have drawn more attention to himself than he’d meant to, but at least the mercenaries had been stopped quickly. It really is very difficult to be vague and not give details that might spoil any of the story. I don’t enjoy it.

Total word count: 97,330

day 27


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