The Triangle – Special Offer

1The digital copy of The Triangle is set to come out this Friday, but the paperback won’t be available for at least a week. I have a special offer for anyone who is interested.

If you buy the ebook when it comes out or shortly after and leave a review on Amazon, I will give you a code for $2  off the paperback when it comes out. (The paperback will hopefully be released within a week of the ebook’s release, but I can’t set a date yet. I’m waiting on the proof copy to approve.)

  • You do not have to leave a 5-star review to receive the code. I am looking for honest reviews.
  • The code will be good only for my CreateSpace estore.
  • If you leave a review and want the code, you will have to contact me with an email address I can use to send you the code.
  • Remember The Triangle is Christian fiction, which might not appeal to everyone. The synopsis for the story can be found here.
  • If you do enjoy the book, please consider sharing it on your blog or other social media.

I will repost this offer on Friday when the ebook comes out.


3 thoughts on “The Triangle – Special Offer

    • It’s weird, really. I keep reminding myself that this is not The Book, the Real Goal, it’s just this little thing I’m publishing myself. It’s not that important, and I shouldn’t get too excited about it or expect too much. But at the same time, I’ve spent all this time on it, so it obviously IS important to me! And whatever I may tell myself, I can’t help but be excited. (And besides, if *I* don’t think of it as important, why should I expect anyone else to think of it as important and want to read it?)

      I probably shouldn’t share this much of my personal neuroses on social media…

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