The Unprofessional

The original purpose of this blog was for me to have somewhere to post daily (or as often as I could) posts sharing what writing work I had done that day. I have two drafted novels, the first one of which has gone through revision. However, before I can move on with it, I have to draft at least one more that is connected to it.

Since December 2014, I have taken up the challenge to write or revise 500 words every day, or work on writing of some kind for 20 minutes a day (when there aren’t written words to count). There are actually five levels to choose from in each of the words and time categories. For now, sticking with 500 words and 20 minutes. As much as I’d like to say I’ll write 500 new words every day, though, I’m more likely going to be using this to revise.

I want to suggest doing something like this to anyone out there who writes in any format and could use a push to get to it some days. Challenge yourself to a specific number of words every day, or to work for a specific amount of time, and keep at it. And the important thing here is that there is no final goal. If you fall short one day, you do not have to make up for it later. Just try for 500 (or whatever you choose) again the next day. Click on the image to the right if you want more info. It’s the website for the challenge. (The image is gone temporarily because of NaNoWriMo, but here is the link to the website.)

Recently I had a new idea for my blog. I’ve come to realize that, though I am not a published author, I have a lot of experience as a writer. I’ve been writing with some seriousness for 10 years and have grown a lot in both knowledge and skill. I’m told finishing the first draft of a novel is an accomplishment in itself. And just in the last two years, I have learned a lot about the different stages of writing. This blog has always been focused on my daily progress, but I have decided it’s time to branch out. I want to start sharing some of what I’ve learned. Hopefully someone will find some usefulness in my words.



8 thoughts on “The Unprofessional

    • It has been so far! And there are 3 levels–250, 500, or 1000 words. I actually thought I would move up to 1000 after a few days of doing 500 and realizing I could consistently do more. But instead, I’ve realized that not pushing myself to go past 500 most days has been helping me avoid stressing over getting more done. So I’m happily settled at 500. (And I’ve failed at reaching 500 more than once in the month I’ve been doing this too.)


  1. Love this blog and it has inspired me greatly. Oddly enough, I am in a very similar situation in which I have one book finished that needs editing. I have another written that needs a re-write and one that is bouncing around in my head ready to get out. On top of this I’m a grad student and an avid geocacher. All of these things seem to have imploded in on themselves and I need a good spring cleaning. You have just motivated me to do that. I am making the call now that I will have all of my writing projects organized (not finished) by the time November rolls around. I can’t continue to keep all of the characters in my head. They are becoming as miserable as I am. I haven’t decided yet but I may use the new writing platform for my NaNo writings this year. What better way to keep myself accountable right?

    Good Luck on your endeavors and I will be checking back in. Keep writing every day.


    • One thing I’ve learned is that writers with a busy life outside of writing have to work harder, and even smarter, than we otherwise would to be able to make any progress. Organizing your projects in one place is definitely a good idea.

      Thanks for your comment; I’m glad you got some usefulness out of my blog, especially considering that it’s pretty self-focused.


  2. “It didn’t write itself, so I certainly can’t expect it to revise and finish itself.” How right you are! I would really like to challenge myself to write or revise every day…I’m just not sure my 11 month old baby (who doesn’t sleep!) wants me to do that.


    • I’ve been there…sometimes it feels like I’m still there, and my youngest is 5 years old. It’s not always easy, and I will even admit that it’s not always possible. But if you’re shooting for every day and still manage to get to it more often than you had been, it’s still a win! I definitely still miss a lot of days, but lately, it happens a lot less often than it did when I started this blog 1 1/2 years ago. I’m developing a habit.

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