Book Three: Outcast

Natos has been raised since birth by a make-shift family of mercenaries. In an unexpected encounter, he is told that his original family has been searching for him for years, and has different plans for him. His life will never be the same, no matter which family he chooses, but in the end, will the choice even be up to him?

Karina’s decision is an easy one to make. She has been kicked out of her home by her wealthy, influential husband and has no family or friends to turn to. When offered help by a kind man who wants nothing in return, she does not need to think about her answer. But will the consequences of helping her be more than that man bargained for?

And the real question is, what is the connection between Natos’s and Karina’s lives?

For more information about the world in which my stories take place, characters, plots, etc., see my other blog, Made in Pithea.


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