Dream, plan, write…every day.

dream plan write

Introductory post

Post 1–Revisiting High School: I dredge up old high school creative writing ideas and share the ones that worked for me.
Post 5–Fanfiction That Isn’t: I talk about one major benefit of fanfiction and how we can use the same idea to spark ideas in our original writing.
Post 8–Rory’s Story Cubes: I use story cubes for free writing and discuss their potential.

Post 2–Our Frenemy, the Outline: I discuss the great debate of planning vs. pantsing and make a case for creating an outline.
Post 6–Those With Whom We Spend Most of Our Time: I share my dislike for character sheets and alternative ways to get to know our characters.

Post 3–Camp NaNoWriMo: I briefly explain NaNoWriMo, the differences in Camp NaNo, and invite you to join.
Post 7–Writer’s Retreat: I share plans for a weekend getaway and (possibly unrealistic) hopes for high productivity.

Post 4–Losing Your Voice: I get a little rambly about revision in general, writer’s voice in particular, and then finally warn against losing said voice.


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