Pithea, an excerpt

I have posted most of chapter 3 of “Pithea” over on my story blog . I’ll post a little of it here, but if you want to read more, follow the link at the bottom of the text.

If you want some information about the world to better understand some of what is going on here, check out some of the links on this page (Power and Madness would be the key ones for now). However, the excerpt could probably be read without a lot of prior knowledge and be understandable.

This is the first time I’m sharing this much of my novel with anyone outside of family or others who have been somewhat involved in the process. Any comments, questions, or constructive criticism are welcome.

By the time Naolin got back to the inn, it had finally stopped raining. It was dark out, but he wasn’t tired and didn’t want to spend the rest of the night holed up in his room. So instead, he sat down on a bench outside of the inn. He didn’t care that it was wet. He was wet too. A person or two walked by, but nothing interesting happened.

Then two people came flying around the corner of a nearby building, shattering the quiet of the street. Naolin was surprised to recognize his traveling companion as one of the two people, and he jumped to his feet when he saw the frightened look on their faces.

“Missy!” he yelped. “What’s going on?”

His question was answered when a tiger scrambled around the corner behind her. He didn’t know why there was a tiger loose in the city, nor did he care. He jumped up, drawing his sword, and ran to meet Missy and her friend. Blackthore had already turned back to attack the tiger as Naolin reached Missy. Naolin grabbed her arm and pulled her toward him, at the same time stepping past her.

“Ow! What are you doing?” she protested. She yanked her arm out of his grip, and he turned to face her.

As the tiger knocked Blackthore to the ground, Naolin insisted, “You can’t fight this thing. It’s probably maddened, and you only have common training.” Without waiting to see if she would listen to him, he ran over to the tiger and found a nice, open, fleshy spot to insert his sword.

The tiger didn’t like that very much, and it quickly turned around to swat at Naolin with its huge paw. Naolin dropped low to the ground, narrowly avoiding its attack, and then scrambled to the side of the beast. Meanwhile, Missy had gone to help Blackthore up, and then she drew her own dagger. Before she could rush at the tiger herself, Blackthore buried his blade into its rump. It roared in anger and lashed out at the first person it saw, which happened to be Missy. It knocked her down and stood over her.

Blackthore kicked the tiger in the face in an attempt to distract it. It wouldn’t take long for the beast to seriously injure or even kill Missy. Fortunately, Blackthore was successful in his attempt to refocus the tiger’s attention on him, giving Naolin the chance to come around and pull Missy out from under it.

“Just go and find us some help,” he demanded. He refrained from pointing out that he’d been right. Fortunately, she listened to him that time and ran toward the inn. He turned back to help the stranger, who was deftly avoiding the tiger’s paws and teeth while trying to find an opportunity to strike.

Missy reached the inn just as two teenagers, a boy and a girl, were coming out the door. Evidently they had heard what was happening outside because they were leaving the inn in a hurry. As soon as he stepped outside the door, the boy raised his hand toward the tiger. Looking back quickly, Missy saw the tiger struggling against what looked like rope wrapped around its feet.

Blackthore noticed that the tiger was stuck, and took the opportunity to attack from the side, out of the tiger’s reach. Naolin was oblivious to the new circumstances, and Missy saw that he was lying on the ground near the tiger’s front. His sword lay at his side, and blood pooled on the ground next to his head. The girl who had also come out of the inn took a wide berth around the ensnared tiger on her way to Naolin’s side. Missy followed closely behind her.

While Missy was going for help, Naolin had been caught in the side of the head by the tiger’s large paw. If the beast had not been stopped when it had, it likely would have finished the downed Naolin. As Missy approached her traveling companion, she almost had to look away. Long gashes ran down the side of his face, and blood was still streaming out of them. However, the girl who’d gotten there before Missy had already knelt next to the injured Swordsman. Missy was grateful to realize that she’d somehow managed to come across a Cleric right when she needed one.

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The Triangle Released!

1 The Triangle is officially out! It’s available both in paperback and Kindle format. I didn’t expect the paperback to be released so soon, but the proof copy came quickly!

Click here to buy the paperback. The eBook is only available on Amazon.

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  • Remember The Triangle is Christian fiction, which might not appeal to everyone. The synopsis for the story can be found here.
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Daily Writing Check-in: January 14, 2016

Words/Time:  45 minutes working on another submission for “Pithea.”  I finally buckled down and started on my first query letter. It is nearly done; there’s just one small line that I can’t quite decide how to word. I think (fingers crossed) that after this, submitting to more places will be easier, because I will have created the different documents that I can alter as I need. Except the CV. I’m still unsure what to do about that, so if it comes up…I may spend another 3 days researching.

The Triangle releases tomorrow(!), which I’m a lot more nervous about than I thought I would be. The proof copy of the paperback came today too, almost a week sooner than projected. So things are moving really well on that front.

The Triangle – Special Offer

1The digital copy of The Triangle is set to come out this Friday, but the paperback won’t be available for at least a week. I have a special offer for anyone who is interested.

If you buy the ebook when it comes out or shortly after and leave a review on Amazon, I will give you a code for $2  off the paperback when it comes out. (The paperback will hopefully be released within a week of the ebook’s release, but I can’t set a date yet. I’m waiting on the proof copy to approve.)

  • You do not have to leave a 5-star review to receive the code. I am looking for honest reviews.
  • The code will be good only for my CreateSpace estore.
  • If you leave a review and want the code, you will have to contact me with an email address I can use to send you the code.
  • Remember The Triangle is Christian fiction, which might not appeal to everyone. The synopsis for the story can be found here.
  • If you do enjoy the book, please consider sharing it on your blog or other social media.

I will repost this offer on Friday when the ebook comes out.

Daily Writing Check-in: January 12, 2016

Words/Time:  1.5 hours working on a synopsis for “Pithea.” I reworked the synopsis that I sent to the first publisher I submitted to. I found ways to trim some unimportant information and add in more of the meat of the story. Hopefully this new version of the synopsis will usable for multiple submissions before I decide to rewrite it again.

The writing group that I’m part of, which started as NaNoWriMo write-ins and then became a weekly group, met tonight. We’ve decided to make ourselves more official and created a name for our group. Then a Facebook group, so we can better communicate and draw more people in. Though we didn’t get much writing done in the time we met, we have ideas for how to make our weekly meetings more helpful and productive, by adding some structure to it. So that was a lot of fun, to be part of the beginning of something like that.

They’ve already asked me to read an excerpt from “Pithea” sometime soon. I have just the spot picked out, which is actually the same section I will be posting on my story blog soon.

Daily Writing Check-in: January 11, 2016

Words/Time:  1.5 hours working on the cover letter for “Pithea.” That involved a lot of research again, but I think I’m finally on the right track. Hopefully all of this time I’m spending researching now will result in relative ease of writing this and future cover or query letters.

Of course, this isn’t the type of work I had in mind for my 500-word daily challenge, but I have limited time to work on anything writing-related, so I do what I can. And I forgot my plan to do a little writing practice at the outset of each evening’s writing time, but it’s a new plan, so some forgetfulness makes sense.

The Triangle Update

1The Triangle is well on its way to being published. (Note my change from using quotes around the title to formatting it in italics because it’s a proper book now.) Here is the pertinent information about the upcoming release:

Paperback copy: I am awaiting the proof in the mail, which is stated to arrive over a week from now still. If that copy looks good, the paperback copy should be available soon after that. When it’s released, I will post a link to a location from which it can be purchased.

Digital copy: The official release date of the Kindle version is January 15th. It is available for pre-order right now.

Both: If for any reason you want, or think you might want, both the paperback and the digital copy, I suggest waiting until the paperback is out. Amazon has a program that allows the customer to buy eligible books in hardcopy, and get a discount on the digital. My book is enrolled in that program, so buying both the paperback and the digital copy that way will save you a few dollars. (Or check out this offer.)

Daily Writing Check-in: January 9, 2016

Words/Time:  Untold amounts of time researching how to go about writing a query letter and cover letter (and what the difference between them is). And even more time later setting up “The Triangle” as an ebook. I’m waiting for the proof copy to arrive to proceed with the physical book publishing. The ebook will be released in advance of the physical book, and I’ll post more on that tomorrow.

Truth be told, I’ve been putting off this business of writing the query/cover letter(s) to submit to more than the two places I’ve done so far (neither of which required either of those). I’ve found such differing ideas of what to put into both of those letters that I’m worried when I actually sit down to do it, I’ll just freeze up, or end up with a jumbled mess. So it’s easier to just not do it yet. But I’m also waiting until I have more time, and the last few days, I’ve felt more compressed in my writing time.

Now that I’m in a waiting process for the publishing of “The Triangle,” which is what I’ve busied myself with while avoiding the further publishing pursuits of “Pithea,” it’s time to really focus on what I’ve been putting off. I just need to remember to approach it like I’ve approached every part of this process, from world building, to drafting, to revising, even to writing the synopsis only a few days ago–focus on one small step at a time, rather than the whole picture (which, let’s face it, is daunting).